Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Third Quarter Fundraising for Brian Davis for Congress

Below is a letter that was sent out via email to First District Republican Party members last week.

Subject: Davis Top Fundraiser in 3rd Quarter

Dear Friends:

This past Monday, October 15th, was the third quarter fundraising filing deadline, and I am very pleased with the support we’ve received. During the third quarter - July 1 to September 30 – our campaign reported $81,228 in total receipts. Contributions from individuals totaled $55,035 - the most of any Republican candidate in the race. Better yet, we still have over $74,000 in the campaign’s coffers.

You may view the Federal Election Commission (FEC) report here. Also, please take a moment to review the articles in the Owatonna People’s Press.

I am proud of the support we have received to date. To have done so well is a big boost to our campaign. Many Republicans are looking for a candidate who is not a professional politician. Instead, voters want someone who brings private sector ideas and solutions to the challenges facing government.

But, Congressman Walz and the Democrats are mounting a formidable challenge for us as we approach the November 2008 elections. In fact, Mr. Walz’s campaign currently sits on $711,323. It is crucial that the Republican nominee in this race has the ability to raise the funds necessary to compete and be successful. Only one more Quarterly FEC report will be available to assess a campaign’s viability between now and the First District Convention on March 29, 2008.

Voters are looking for a candidate who will stand up for what he believes without wavering, and will work hard to earn their votes. Donors and Republican activists are responding to our campaign’s willingness to challenge Congressman Walz and the left-wing establishment in America. During the last two weeks our campaign launched radio and newspaper ads across the length of the First District calling on Congressman Tim Walz to return the donations he received during 2006 from the liberal special interest group and to refuse any future contributions. Advertising and getting our message out to voters is possible only with the necessary funding. With your help, we can keep our momentum going. Please visit here to make a secure online donation to our campaign today!

If you support my ideas and candidacy and want to join my campaign, you can sign up by visiting here. If you have other thoughts please email me at


Brian Davis
Republican Candidate
Minnesota – 01

P.S. In the recent Owatonna People’s Press article, Senator Day acknowledged our campaign’s recent surge in momentum. We look forward to debating the issues with him and the other candidates in the coming weeks and months in preparation for our ultimate goal: Republican victory in November 2008!

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