Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Media Tour and Worthington Globe Article

During the week of August 13, Brian Davis for Congress went on a media tour organized by Melissa. We visited newspapers from Wabasha to Worthington and gave an interview on Winona Radio. Here is one of the articles from Worthington. Thanks also to John who provided air transportation.

A conservative hopes to topple Walz

Ryan McGaughey, Editor-in-Chief

Daily Globe, Worthington Daily Globe
Published Tuesday, August 21, 2007

(Posted to Blog on 10/24/2007)

U.S. Rep. Tim Walz has been in Washington a little more than
eight months now, but the drive to unseat him from his 1st
District Minnesota House of Representatives seat is already
under way.

Brian Davis, a physician at the Mayo Clinic since 1996, has
announced his intent to run against Walz, a Democrat who
defeated six-term Republican Rep. Gil Gutknecht last November.
Davis, in a visit to the Daily Globe last week, said he had been
pleased with Gutknecht’s representation, and that a great need for
change in leadership is essential at the Capitol.

“The liberal Democratic leadership promised it was going to
make things more transparent,” Davis said. “If anything, we have
more of the same — there are several pet projects, and porkbarrel

One doesn’t have to speak long with Davis to ascertain his strong
conservative values. Davis strongly supports “our efforts to
combat terrorism and Islamic radicalism.” He said the current
Congress “is incapable of dealing with the illegal immigration
problem. In my view, it works a hidden tax on the middle class.
It drives down wages and increases the cost of social services.”
He is against all abortion, as well as embryonic stem cell
research. He believes in marriage being defined as strictly
between a man and a woman.

Davis’ conservatism may end up playing well in a region that
almost certainly can’t be described as liberal. But Walz —
despite low overall rankings for Congress on a national scale —
seems generally well liked and respected at home and in
Washington, at least so far. If Davis hopes to topple his
incumbent opponent, he will need to run a strong campaign —
and hope for a Walz misstep or two.