Saturday, November 1, 2008

Letter to the Editor: Fairmont Sentinel

Posted 10/29/08

To The Editor:

It's Time To Set The Record Straight!!

Recently, after viewing a TV ad approved by Congressman Walz, I believe it is time to set the record straight on the following issues.

Taxes: Walz's deception is that Brian Davis supports raising taxes. Truth is, Brian Davis favors making the current tax cuts permanent. Walz supports rescinding them, or at the very least, not renewing them, which would be a large tax raise. After a raise like that, a small tax reduction proposed by Barack Obama for the middle class wouldn't even hit the radar screen! The National Taxpayers Union has rated Congressman Walz and has given him a big F for his voting record on tax matters!!!!!

Education: Walz and his liberal Democrat friends keep calling for Congress to throw more money at an education policy that has failed to raise academic standards when we are compared to other countries. I say it is time to abide by the 10th amendment to the United States Constitution, which does not allow for Federal Government in education. Education control is granted to states and local control!

Social Security: Walz carps about allowing a percentage of Social Security to be privatized. At least we would be controlling part of our own retirement funds and not have the funds used by Walz and his colleagues in Congress for their favorite pork barrel earmarks, as they have in the past and there by bankrupting the Social Security Fund.

If Congressman Walz doesn't hold to the 10th Amendment, why should we believe his TV ad that touts his support for the 2nd amendment of our U.S. Constitution, which grants us the right to keep and bear arms, to defend and protect ourselves and our property? Walz has voted and certainly will vote lock step with his liberal colleagues in Congress!!! He can't be trusted when the chips are down, to vote in our best interests. We do need to replace him. We can do that by voting November 4th for Brian Davis, the candidate who we can trust to vote for our best interests and values.

Roger Miedtke