Saturday, November 1, 2008

Letter to the Editor: Albert Lea Tribune

Davis will bring fresh ideas to Congress

Published Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rep. Tim Walz seems to be a very desperate man. Whenever a candidate has to stoop to airing outright falsehoods about their opponent, he is a candidate in trouble. The attack ads that Tim Walz has run against Dr. Brian Davis accusing him of wanting to cut Social Security are false. They are part of the fear tactics that are used by politicians.

Dr. Davis is concerned for the well being of our Social Security system, which Rep. Tim Walz has jeopardized by reckless votes on spending measures. The current Congress should not be returned to office because of their total lack of fiscal restraint.

Brian Davis with his fresh ideas and his expertise in several fields has Tim Walz desperate. The Walz campaign has gone to promoting falsehoods because they are afraid.

Tim Walz didn’t know what to do in Congress and took bad advice from the Democratic leadership voting with them instead of for us. Now he is taking bad advice from his campaign. We need someone who is able to think for himself. We need someone who supports Minnesota citizens’ best interests from the cradle to the grave.

Brian Davis cares for the welfare of the unborn infant as well as for our senior citizens. Brian Davis will make us proud that he is our representative in Congress. Let’s make a change Nov. 4!

Paul Ibisch
La Crescent