Sunday, September 7, 2008

Representative Drazkowski's Letter to the Editor: Remember to take part in the process

September 5, 2008

By State Rep. Steve Drazkowski / Wabasha, Minn.

I encourage southern Minnesotans to vote in the primary elections this Tuesday. This is an important process in narrowing races where more than one candidate has filed for office under the same party affiliation.

Earlier this year, grassroots Republicans attended their local caucus and county conventions and were elected by their friends and neighbors to represent them and their interests in the district endorsing process. This process was sound and fair, conducted with integrity and broad participation, and brought us an outstanding candidate in Brian Davis. Brian was the person that grassroots Republicans endorsed to represent our conservative values on the November ballot. I would like to thank these delegates for making an outstanding choice.

I have had the privilege to spend many hours with Brian Davis, and can verify that he is the preeminent Republican to represent southern Minnesota in Washington, D.C.

Brian is the real deal. He’s honest, earnest and intelligent.

His education and work experience with nuclear energy and health care make him a great fit for handling the top issues facing our nation. Brian has offered authentic leadership to bring our country to energy independence. He will lead on securing our borders and reforming immigration.

Additionally, Davis is a newcomer to the political arena. He has not made a career of being in elected office. Brian is committed only to his constituents and has absolutely no interest in political favors.

Fellow Republicans, we have a wonderful opportunity to uphold the great decision our delegates made this spring by voting for Brian Davis. It is important we send the best and strongest candidate onward to face the liberal incumbent this November. As a united party supporting a great leader like Brian, we will make Minnesota a better place to live and raise a family.