Sunday, September 7, 2008

Brian Davis: Letter to the Editor New Ulm Journal

September 5, 2008


On March 29, after a series of elections beginning with nearly 7,000 caucus-goers, I received the endorsement of the Republican Party of Minnesota as their candidate for U.S. Congress in the First District.

Over the past 18 months, I've traveled over 60,000 miles crisscrossing southern Minnesota sharing my ideas and, more importantly, listening to thousands of Minnesotans share their concerns for America's future. The bottom line is that it's clear we have a problem with energy costs - gas and diesel prices are straining the budgets of families, farms and small businesses alike. We need to increase domestic energy production without government placing too many obstacles in the way in the form of regulations and new taxes, fees or royalties.

And high tax rates punish those small businesses and farmers who succeed and want to pass along their hard work to the next generation.

Minnesotans are looking for honesty in their elected officials, people who can deliver real solutions to our most pressing problems. As a father of four, physician, taxpayer, and engineer with prior energy industry experience, I am confident that we can do better.

On Sept. 9, I would be honored to have your vote in the upcoming Republican primary.
With your support, I'm ready to get to work for you, delivering results and common-sense conservative solutions.

First District Congressional Candidate