Friday, July 18, 2008

Walz Says No to Offshore Drilling, Sides with Partisan Politics, Not the People's Pocketbook

Davis: Speaker Pelosi's energy bill is a farce. Congressman Walz should break with his party leadership and represent the interests of Minnesota.

For Immediate Release
July 18, 2008
Contact: Brad Biers

(Rochester, MN) - Today, Brian Davis, the endorsed Republican candidate for the First District of Minnesota, denounced Congress' inability to pass meaningful energy legislation during the current session. By voting in favor of Roll Call vote 509, Congressman Walz voted against allowing a vote on offshore drilling and opening of other federal lands to oil exploration.

Dr. Davis stated, "Put simply, Speaker Pelosi's energy plan is a farce. It opens no new areas to offshore drilling by keeping over ninety percent of areas off-limits. By participating in this charade, Tim Walz is not representing the interests of our District but those of a radical environmental agenda."

Davis continued, "Every time someone fills up their tank, they should consider who represents them in Washington. It's clear that Tim Walz is following his party leadership in Washington when it's not in the best interest of our District. Every day we put off opening up American areas to drilling is another day energy independence is pushed further into the future. It's like telling Minnesota farmers, if you want food tomorrow, don't plant in the spring, because you won't have anything to harvest until the Fall. With unemployment and inflation rising, and home valuea and the worth of retirement savings declining, Minnesotans deserve action now, not continued shortsightedness from Tim Walz."

"We need to initiate meaningful energy solutions which include opening up new areas to oil exploration," reiterated Davis. "Congressman Walz informs constituents that we must 'move beyond fossil fuels.' In the short term, this is simply impractical and naïve when 85% of the energy we use in this country is from these energy sources."

Brian Davis trained as an engineer, receiving a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering and Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering. In addition, he has several years of work experience in the electric power industry. Currently, he is a physician who treats cancer patients and resides in Rochester with his wife Lori and their four children.

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