Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Republican Party of Minnesota Praises Davis Fundraising

Monday July 07, 2008


Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Ron Carey today released the following statement regarding Dr. Brian Davis’ 2nd Quarter fundraising results.

“Dr. Davis’ strong fundraising quarter shows he has the support of a wide base of Republicans. He has been working hard, traveling the district, and his message of energy security, improved health care, and lower taxes is resonating with voters in the First Congressional District. I am confident he will not only win the primary in September, but defeat Tim Walz in November.”
Brian Davis Raised $391,000 In The Second Quarter. (Frederic Frommer, “Davis Raises Nearly $400,000 In Latest Period, Associated Press, July 7, 2008)

By Comparison, Tim Walz Had Raised Only $195,000 In The Second Quarter Of 2006. (www.fec.gov)

(Posted 7/13)