Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Letter to the Editor: Fresh ideas come from candidate

Published in the Houston County News, July 9, 2008
Brian Davis

Brian Davis is the best and brightest of candidates running for Congress this year. He is a husband, a father of four, holds a bachelor's degree in nuclear engineering, a doctorate in mechanical engineering, and is a medical doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. That is the short list of his credits.

More importantly, he is a caring person who feels for those who are suffering from the mismanagement of our government.

A recent letter to the editor expressed anger toward actions by our current Congress and wanted to have Dr. Davis share the blame. Nothing could be further from the truth. Brian Davis is a true fiscal conservative and understands family values. He is a refreshing departure from politics as usual. Brian has suggested new and innovative ways to deal with the energy crisis.

The federal government, both Republicans and Democrats, share in the responsibility for sky-rocketing costs. They have overspent. Rep. Tim Walz, the man who currently represents Congressional District 1, is in the top tier in Congress for liberal spending. Rep. Tim Walz has received huge sums of money for his re-election from special-interest groups, who are thanking him for his votes. Some estimate Tim Walz has raised at least $2 million for campaign spending. Do you think it all came from grateful Minnesotans?

Brian Davis is raising funds the old fashioned way: one convinced voter at a time. Voters of any age can support a candidate with fresh ideas, and Brian Davis' ideas are energizing voters across the district. If you really want new ideas, go to Brian Davis is a candidate who will make us proud we sent him to Congress.

Paul Ibisch,

La Crescent