Friday, July 25, 2008

Davis touts conservative values, oil drilling in quest to unseat Walz

Published - Wednesday, July 23, 2008
By Ryan Henry of the Houston County News

Gas prices in southeastern Minnesota have reached nearly $4/gallon, which not only hits people in the wallet, but has affected the overall economy. That’s why it’s time to start drilling for oil in United States, both offshore and in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, according to Brian Davis.

“It’s been shown, with the oil drilling that’s up there right now, that it can co-exist with wildlife and vegetation,” he said. “They have a pipeline that’s not being used to full capacity.”

Davis, who stopped by the Houston County News office last week, is the Republican-endorsed candidate running for a United States House of Representative seat out of Minnesota. He’ll likely face off with DFLer Tim Walz, who defeated long-time Congressman Gil Gutknecht two years ago. However, he’ll be challenged by Senator Dick Day in a September 9 primary.

Much of the suffering from fuel prices which in turn affect food prices and the housing market is due to Congress’s micro-management of the nation’s energy production, he said.

“We need to have a cheap and clean supply of energy to keep this modern economy moving forward,” Davis said. “Right now, government is really ham-stringing the economy with some of the policies it has in place.”

Davis has experience in the energy industry, both as a student and a full-time engineer. He’s seen what government policy did to the nuclear power industry, although the U.S. produces more energy from nuclear energy than any other country, it still doesn’t have a growing nuclear energy industry like he believes it should.

“I think we need to lift the moratorium on nuclear power in Minnesota,” he said.

He’s also in favor of continuing development of alternative energy sources like ethanol, wind power, solar energy, and bio-diesel.

With healthcare, he believes there needs to be more competition and less government intervention because of the looming crisis with the aging of baby-boomers and unfunded liability of Medicare. He thinks Washington needs people, like himself, who have practical experience with healthcare, which consumes 17 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. And he doesn’t believe the country should adopt a nationalized or socialized healthcare system.

Davis is pro-life and believes it’s important to respect all human life from dawn to sunset. As a doctor, he said he knows embryos don’t need to be destroyed to do stem cell research, and that there are other sources of stem cells, such as bone marrow.

He supports the traditional family, with marriage between a man and a woman. He said he’d support a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, if it’s ever presented.

Davis thinks there’s a problem with illegal immigration in the U.S. There’s thought to be 12 million illegals in the country, but that can’t be known for sure, he said, because local law enforcement agencies haven’t been empowered to check into that. He’s in favor of the border fence Congress authorized, one issue he and Walz differ on.

He has been endorsed by the Republican Party in both Houston and Winona counties. Since 1996, Davis has been a staff physician in the radiation oncology department at Mayo Civic in Rochester, where he lives. He has a wife Lori, and four children.

You’ll have a chance to meet Davis this year in the Applefest King Apple Parade September 21.

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