Friday, June 6, 2008

Why isn't Congressman Walz Providing Real Solutions to our Transporation Needs?

For Immediate Release
Contact: Brad Biers

June 6, 2008

(Winona, MN) - Despite appearing at the closed Highway 43 Bridge in Winona near the Mississippi river, Congressman Tim Walz has failed to propose any real solutions to our transportation needs, especially as it concerns finding relief for working families in southern Minnesota and the burden of high gas prices.

As residents of southern Minnesota continue to empty their wallets trying to pay for gasoline that is nearing $4 per gallon, Rep. Walz continues to vote against proposals to address America's energy crisis.

"Tim Walz' speaking about the needs of the people of southern Minnesota while using the Highway 43 bridge as a backdrop does nothing to solve our transportation and energy crisis," said First Congressional District Republican candidate Brian Davis. "He is ignoring the fact that the price of gas has risen over 70% since he was sworn into office and he continues to do nothing to address this unfortunate situation."

"There are solutions to our energy needs," continued Davis. "We must develop more domestic oil supplies and increase our refinery capacity because southern Minnesota residents demand action now."

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