Friday, June 20, 2008

John Adams Letter to the Editor: Rochester Post Bulletin

The truth about global warming

I attended the State Republican Convention at Rochester's Mayo Civic Center. The proudest moment for me was when the entire assembly gave congressional candidate Brian Davis a standing ovation for stating that he doesn't buy into the theory of human caused global warming.

Dr. Davis, a scientist himself, knows there has never been a consensus among scientists. Dr. Davis knows that 31,000 scientists have signed a petition saying supporters of man-made global warming are using questionable science to support their theory. He knows that 30 years ago these same scientists predicted global cooling.

While Tim Walz and many politicians foolishly embrace the destruction of our economy by throwing taxpayer dollars at a problem that doesn't exist, Brian Davis stands courageously against radical government fads like global warming and other government scams that have already raised the price of gas and heating fuels beyond what many families can afford.

Brian Davis's pronouncement is truly refreshing. He will make a great common-sense congressman.

John Adams

Comment: Drill Here Drill Now. Weather will always be changing regardless of what we do. From Center-Right