Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Represenative Steve Drazkowski Endorses Brian Davis for Congress

TO: House District #28B Media and First District Republicans
FROM: Representative Steve Drazkowski
DATE: 04/16/08

CONTACT: Rep. Steve Drazkowski
14369 654th Street
Wabasha, MN 55981


Following the First District Republican endorsement of Dr. Brian Davis for U.S. Congress, Representative Steve Drazkowski enthusiastically gave his support to Davis. "Brian is a perfect fit for the U.S. House of Representatives. His experience and education have prepared Brian to tackle the challenges facing America and those important to the First District of Minnesota. Brian's engineering background and work experience in the electric power industry make him well-suited to provide solutions to our energy crisis and to represent the burgeoning energy industry in our District."

Representative Drazkowski continued, "Brian's experience as a physician specialized in radiation oncology gives him the perspectives in healthcare to offer meaningful answers to the many problems we face in this area. We need his background from the private-sector in health care and his principled views on the value of a market-driven economy in Washington. It is clear that Brian recognizes the successes and limitations of our healthcare system from a practical perspective. More perspectives like his are needed in Washington."

Drazkowski also commented on his friendship with Dr. Davis stating, "I have enjoyed getting to know Brian and his family over the past year. He and I share the same commitment to limited government, rural values, and dedicated service to the people of Minnesota."

"I have great respect for Representative Drazkowski," said Davis in response to the endorsement. "Steve is a hard-working, determined and principled leader in our District. I'm honored to have his endorsement in this Congressional race and to work with his many supporters. "

Representative Steve Drazkowski can be reached at 888-683-3436 or