Sunday, April 13, 2008

Letter from Grace Patterson of Rochester

The following is a letter to the editor I sent to the Post Bulletin on March 31st. They chose not to print it. Therefore, I am actively using the internet to help make up for the void. I have sent fax after fax to Walz, begging him to support the SAVE Act. (HR4088). He won’t. In fact, he is nothing but a Pelosi rubber stamp.

He has to be defeated.

My best wishes.

Grace Patterson, Rochester, MN

Walz Can Spin Like a Top.

Representative Tim Walz column, Saturday, March 29th Post Bulletin, contained more SPIN than a whirlpool. I refer to his comments on the subject of Earmarks.

His appalling account of the function of “Earmarks” is so blatantly false I am surprised he had the gall to put it in print. We know that the practice of using earmarks to fund pet projects, in order to avoid having to defend the expenditure in a vote, has become a most outrageous waste of taxpayer’s money. The reason earmarks have been stopped is: Taxpayer’s are demanding an end to this “under the table” practice. Walz‘s comment that bureaucrats are now charged with spending our tax dollars without direction from the elected is also untrue. Very few in the House of Representatives ever knew what earmark money was being spent on and could care less. Now they will have to vote to spend your money. That means we can check on how they vote. Walz won’t like that one bit.

Rep. Walz‘s views himself an “advocate” for Minnesota’s first District, only if it fits his agenda. He is not an advocate for a fair up or down vote, not on immigration, nor on protecting our country from terrorists, and not on spending your tax dollars. We don’t need him.

Grace Patterson