Sunday, April 13, 2008

Davis Questions Congressman Walz's Support of Senator Obama

Davis: Obama's statements about Midwest values are demeaning

For Immediate Release
Contact: Brad Biers
April 13, 2008

April 13, 2008 (Rochester, MN) - Today, Brian Davis, Republican candidate in Minnesota's First Congressional District, called upon Congressman Walz to withdraw his pledge to support Senator Obama in the Democratic Presidential Primary. Congressman Walz, a superdelegate to this year's Democratic Convention, announced his support of Obama on February 6, one day following the Minnesota caucuses.

Davis, who was recently endorsed by the Republican Party to challenge Walz this Fall, stated, "We have learned a great deal more about Senator Obama in the past two months that is cause for concern. I find it deeply troubling that Senator Obama's stated views on many topics are so out-of-step with mainstream American values. It is shocking, if not implausible, that a Congressman representing this District could support him."

"Senator Obama has had a twenty year association with Reverend Jeremiah Wright of Chicago, someone who has made numerous documented anti-American, racist, and anti-semitic comments from the pulpit. We now see a similarly disturbing pattern in Senator Obama's recent speeches which mirror Reverend Wright's radical views. Senator Obama's statement that giving birth is a form of punishment similar to contracting a sexually transmitted disease is simply outrageous. Moreover, Obama's recent characterization of small towns in the Midwest as a collection of individuals who 'cling to guns or religion' out of helplessness and desperation reveals the elitist attitude of someone who neither respects the roots and faith traditions of our nation nor understands the freedoms afforded us by our Constitution," Davis said.

Davis concluded, "My wife and I are the proud parents of four healthy children and we consider them a blessing, not a punishment. It is clear that the right path for Congressman Walz is to denounce Senator Obama's offensive and divisive statements. Does Tim Walz believe that someone who has repeatedly voiced such offensive views should lead our nation? Congressman Walz should either publicly withdraw his support for Mr. Obama or explain how the extreme views of the junior Senator from Illinois reflect those of the First Congressional District. At present, his silence is deafening."